What Your Should Know About Dental Implants

Nobody ever thinks that they will need to consider dental implants at any age. Losing teeth can happen for a wide range of reasons, from dental implantsdecay to damage from an injury. Whatever the reason, getting the problem solved as soon as possible can change the way that you feel about yourself and how others approach you. Thanks to advances in dental implants you can now get the help you need from dental implants specialists in Hampton, VA, such as Dr. Michael Hutchings and Dr. William Cornette from Hampton Family Dentistry.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are often considered when you have a few missing teeth; they could be missing in a single row or missing in different locations. The use of dental implants is better in many respects than dentures because it is a permanent solution offering strong teeth that are much like your own natural teeth. Most dental implants professionals in Hampton will start with removing the teeth that cannot be salvaged and then allowing the gums to heal. The dentist will need to make a mold of the teeth so that new teeth can be created and fit into the space. This process may take a couple of visits in order for them to be properly fitted to your mouth. Once the teeth are ready, your dental professional will attach the teeth using a substitute root. This will attach the tooth to the jaw and, eventually, becomes a part of it.

Getting a beautiful smile is within reach when you turn to the specialists of dental implants in Hampton, VA. Dr. Hutchings and Dr. Cornette from Hampton Family Dentistry are prepared to walk you through the process of dental implants. They can give you all the facts and help you find the answers to all of your questions. Don’t wait to get the smile of your dreams. Call us today to set up a consultation to discuss the options open to you. Our team of experts is waiting at (757) 827-7770 to help you get started.